Wentworth Pass – finally made it to Vera Falls

14 August 2019

Can never get tired of this view

What a ride!! I need one of these each week šŸ™‚
Pack was heavier than usual (change clothes, I took the train from Parra) and my legs felt heavy for the first few kms. This time I read the sings and was really happy that Wentworth Pass was open. Tried to pick up the track on the other side of the falls but it disappeared so I had to scramble back over the rocks and get onto the track from there.

From the Vera Falls turn off there was a man I saw on the train in the morning – and he pointed out that the track is the other way (he wanted me to get onto Robertson Pass for some reason). Told him I am going down to Vera Falls. He looked at me like I was nuts and weird. I really hoped he won’t come back to follow me.

The trail was just amazing from there nearly to the falls, then it became less traveled with the pink ribbons that lead me back onto Wentworth Pass. This was the most remote bit, haven’t seen anyone.

I had a plan when I decided to do this run, but ended up not following it, going wherever I pleased instead.

Running in the Blue Mountains means hopping over rocks, scrambling over rocks, climbing stairs (steep ones), descending stairs, getting over or under fallen trees, taking a ton of pictures, stopping for a good look at a stunning view… catching one’s breath (did I mention those steep steps and ladders?!), getting around tourists, dodging roots and scratchy branches and every now and then a sweet, rolling single track šŸ™‚ here you can forget about pace and elevation IT DOESN’T MATTER!


Total distance: 19.19 km
Max elevation: 897 m
Min elevation: 344 m
Total climbing: 857 m
Total descent: -831 m
Total time: 03:12:14
Download file: Wentworth_Pass_finally_made_it_to_Vera_Falls.gpx

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