Powelltown to Ada Tree

10 July 2019

Beautiful day for this!
Did a few “discoveries” at the start, but got the hang of it by the end.
Was it easy? Nope. Did it hurt? Yeeees! Did I enjoy it?! Oh yeah!!
Took a million pics on the way there along with the wrong turns (OK, little ones).
That uphill is a killer, and so is the ground under foot – hit the back of my legs more than I care to remember and it hurt. A lot. Many f-bombs exploded today.
Lots of fallen trees to get under, over or around.
The only people I saw were the young guy driving the Forest Management ute (second time I’ve seen the ute was close to the checkpoint we manned in March, he was with another young mate) and 3 women with lots of children close to the Ada Tree.
Up to 40 kms, I’ve stopped at every 5, dropped down and rewarded myself with 10 pushups (resulted in muddy hands, but who cares).
On the uphill I have already imagined how I am going to slide down on my butt… didn’t happen.
On the way back the wind picked up and became quite scary. A branch landed 1 m in front of me.

The Gear



The Course

Total distance: 47.08 km
Max elevation: 850 m
Min elevation: 212 m
Total climbing: 1773 m
Total descent: -1697 m
Total time: 07:40:57
Download file: Visited_this_ancient_beautiful_matron_Ada.gpx