Mt St Leonard after the Night BASE run

24 May 2019

The view from the top

I was fighting falling asleep in the back of the cab on my way home from the Monash BASE facility at around 3:40 this morning.
Got home at 3:50, there was no point falling asleep. Freshened up with a shower and two double espressos, made a smoked trout and avocado sandwich for recovery food and a toast with avocado before I leave.
Was rolling out of the garage at 4:53 an looking forward to catch the sunrise on the top…

Lots of cars coming from the opposite direction, some of them so blinding.
“Silence Must Be Heard” was playing in my ears and head ever since I was on the treadmill and thinking about doing Mt St Leonard. I was really looking forward to the silence there.

Pulled up in the usual spot, geared up and got going. I could feel the point where blood was drawn earlier at every elbow flexion. Wore the head torch but didn’t use it (at all), the moon provided enough light and I quite enjoyed that… until I saw a torch coming from Condons Tk while I turned towards the aqueduct. First I thought it was a runner, but it was moving too smoothly (no bouncing), then I thought it’s a bicycle… then I saw it moving like a hand torch… that was a bit weird! I kept running (maybe a bit faster), looking back in which direction is going. It was kind of scanning the bush and headed in the same direction as me. This got me a bit worried. I was calculating if this person wants to hurt me, what are my chances?! If I turn back to the car at the intersection, he/she can cut it short and get me from the left. If I manage to get back to the car, he/she might already wait there… I decided to keep going, but couldn’t help looking over my shoulder every 20 meters. Interestingly, I didn’t trip or sprained my ankle.

It was really good to hit the ground and feel the traction and rocks under my feet. My sympathetic nervous system must have been working to its full capacity, otherwise there was no way I could run this fast.

The colours of autumn on the last stretch

On my way up on the steeper bit I was thinking about coming back on the downhill. I will surely feel tired at some point and may feel I have no energy. Considering the circumstances, it’s perfectly OK to feel that way, will just slow down and put one foot in front of the other. The goal is to do it (no sleep and tired legs).

I found it strange that the gate to the Telstra tower was open. Called Otto, took a few shots and headed back, because it was so windy and cold.

I didn’t get the beautiful sunrise and/or the silence, but I got my mountain fix. A bit of fresh air and nature is magic 😊

Total distance: 20.95 km
Max elevation: 1041 m
Min elevation: 110 m
Total climbing: 1171 m
Total descent: -1190 m
Total time: 03:04:03
Download file: Mt_St_Leonard.gpx