Alpine Challenge 36 km attempt – Resources

How to get there

This is the route I usually take from Glenrowan. Love driving through Bright, it’s such a nice place. Click the More options link on the map to enlarge it.



Strava Activity and Google Map

Feel free to study my Strava activity (its more useful if you have a Strava account) alternatively you can check out the Google Map below.




If arriving from Mt Beauty, there are toilets at Gateway Cafe, in the Falls Creek Resort Management building and at Windy Corner Cafe, all on the right of Bogong High Plains Road. There is another one at the Village Bowl and Falls Creek Rd intersection and at the car park near the dam wall.


Friendly advice

Here are some thoughts that might be useful before heading out on an adventure like this:

  1. Always check the weather, ask around a local or someone who’s been there a day before
  2. Carry wet weather gear—anything can happen in the Alps, weather changes suddenly
  3. Carry enough food and water
  4. Get the most detailed map you can. I used the Spatial Vision—Bogong Alpine Area 1:50,000, but I could’ve been much happier with a 1:25,000 version
  5. Carry a PLB, alternatively keep someone updated about your progress. Garmin has LiveTrack, Strava has Beacon. If you have a smart watch, these can work together very well wherever there is network coverage
  6. Take your poles


Hope all this info has helped.