It was supposed to be Razorback 64 – Resources

How to get there

This is the route I took from Glenrowan to Harrietville. Click the More options link on the map to enlarge it.



Strava Activity

Feel free to study this activity.


Total distance: 27.71 km
Max elevation: 2319 m
Min elevation: 944 m
Total climbing: 1545 m
Total descent: -1541 m
Total time: 06:04:37
Download file: It_was_supposed_to_be_the_Razorback_64_km_.gpx


There are several toilets in Harrietville, I parked in the small picnic ground near the caravan park, just opposite Bon Accord Lane. The amenities are clean and is very safe. There are coffee shops on the left, Harrietville Bakery is one of them.

Friendly advice

Here are some thoughts that might be useful before heading out on an adventure like this:

  1. Always check the weather, ask around a local or someone who’s been there a day before
  2. Carry enough food and water and take your charger and torch (and spare batteries)
  3. Get the Bogong Alpine Area – Spacial Vision Map or the official course maps
  4. Carry a PLB, alternatively keep someone updated about your progress. Garmin has LiveTrack, Strava has Beacon. If you have a smart watch, these can work together very well wherever there is network coverage
  5. Take some good wound dressings with you (extras, too), very easy to fall and scratch yourself
  6. Wear something that covers your legs—those pesky bushes can really hurt
  7. Take your poles, they will help you both up and down on Bungalow Spur

Hope all this info has helped.